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Check out the brand new QUAD POD

We specialize in the art of fine woodworking and provide numerous different types of handcrafted, wooden instrument stands for you. The line up includes: wooden Acoustic Guitar Stands, Electric Guitar Stands, Bass Guitar Stands, Banjo Stands, and Mandolin Stands. You’ll find custom wood stands for the individual instrument along with wooden stands that hold up to Five Instruments. All of which are hand made from your choice of select hardwoods.

Willowdrum Acoustic Guitar StandsThere are FOUR designs available in our line of wooden Acoustic Guitar Stands. They all incorporate the popular time tested Willowdrum Design of low gravity and a wide stance, but each have their own unique characteristics.

The Quad Pod multi-instrument stand is a brand new design that is gaining a lot of attention! Made from solid Oak hardwood. Portable, Adjustable, Affordable and very, very Stable! You have to see this one!